Taking my time to get it right!

Wow. Creating and curating just the right collections for my customers has been really fun for me. It has also tried my patience. I am the kind of person who wants to tell you immediately what you got for your birthday before you even open the gift. So, staying patient and knowing the store will be launching on Thanksgiving week has been a real challenge. Almost as hard as staying out of the pumpkin pie until the holiday! 

My collection of curated art and gifts is full of items that have all been designed and created by me. Lots of psychedelic abstract surrealism. Many vibrant colors. I put alot of time and love into each piece from the original DeeDee Fine Art acrylic paintings to the DeeDee Fine Art Designer Mugs. I am especially excited to debut the swimwear and other unique clothing in DeeDee Fine Artwear. I guarantee you will never find these unique items anywhere but here. If you do, let me know! 

Well, I better get back to work. I hope you all love the store.